REYN Award in Hungary Recognized Roma in Early Childhood Field

SIx Early Childhood professionals working with Roma and marginalized children in Hungary were recognized during REYN Award 2022 that took place at the end of the last year. Being the initiative of REYN Hungary, this is already the second time the Award is allocated. The first time happened two years before and had a great success.

The number of Roma early childhood professionals is very low in Hungary. Research shows that the communication between early childhood institutions and Roma families can be helped a lot by Roma early childhood professionals. REYN Hungary aims to raise this number, and at the same time to spotlight their work, and raise their appreciation by the non-Roma communities, and by Roma children.

“With the second launch of the REYN Hungary Award in five categories, we are continuing our advocacy in supporting the professionalization of Roma in EC institutions and advocating for programmatic and structural solutions for building the Roma ECD workforce. With REYN Awardees we are promoting Roma EC in the field, and attract and support Roma in the EC career. With the huge media campaign we become visible and advocate for Roma in the EC workforce,” says Zsuzsa Laszlo, REYN Hungary coordinator.

Anyone could propose candidates for the Award. For that an online form had to be filled in, presenting the candidate’s work and information about what she/he does with Roma children. In 2022 there were 25 nominees.

Therefore, REYN Kindergarten Teacher of the year is Gina Rézműves, REYN Kindergarten Teacher assistant of the year is Lea Fényes, REYN Teacher of the year is Elemer Puporka, REYN Pedagogical assistant of the year is Elemér Puporka, and REYN Social worker of the year is Károly Búza and Szilvia Pádár.  This year there was an extra category, REYN doula of the year, Viktoria Vadász. All of the awardees received 50,000 Hungarian forints (equivalent of about 125 euros).

This recognition contributes to the social inclusion of Roma specialists, as well as introduces the wider public to those Roma early childhood specialists who do outstanding work among children. REYN Hungary believes that positive Roma role models help the next generation succeed.