Here is why #DiversityCounts!

Watch the videos we published from the ISSA conference this week on why diversity counts.

This week nine REYN National Networks Coordinators attended the International Step by Step Association conference in Leiden (the Netherlands). At the event we published a series of videos with the hashtag #DiversityCounts.

What the National Coordinators said

Diversity in society and in services is “enriching”, “needs attention” and “create different role models for children”. These are some of the comments stated by the National Coordinators.

Watch the videos

REYN Coordinators from Bulgaria
Paolo Vereni, member of REYN Italy
Miroslav Sklenka, REYN Coordinator from Slovakia


ISSA’s Annual Conference, offers a unique platform to listen to the world’s leading early childhood experts, an opportunity to learn from peers and to share the knowledge and experience gained in the field. The event gathered researchers, practitioners, policy makers, parents and NGOs from around the world to explore themes through insightful discussions and interactive sessions, while sharing their wisdom and solutions.

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