Empowering Roma Women in Hungary – Part 1

One of the REYN objectives is to increase diversity in the workforce. In this blog, Flóra Bacsó of Partners Hungary Foundation reports on how she coached five Roma women to become kindergarten assistants in six months. This is the first of a series of eight blog posts that Flóra will publish on this matter.

Professionals working in early childhood services have been voicing for a long time that having more Roma colleagues would support Roma children’s inclusion. The reason is that for children it is easier to relate to people that have the same cultural background.

Where this has happened, professionals report very positive experiences. For example, in a primary school in the town of Nyírbátor, where they have an intercultural mediator, more and more Roma parents have started to attend parents’ meetings. 

In Hungary, REYN provides free training to its members. The network is made mostly of professionals who work with young children in education and care.

It’s a “win win”

For Roma women it is often difficult to get qualifications and jobs. Therefore, lately REYN Hungary has organized a cycle of training sessions to include Roma women in the early childhood profession. Such training offers to Roma women a chance to professionalize and to take their life into their own hands. 

Five Roma women have acquired the qualification of Assistant Caregiver in the past six months. They have demonstrated strong dedication and resilience: along with their full-time job, they have attended weekend training sessions, they have performed 80-hour of kindergarten practice and have passed their exams with very good results. The program has been provided by Partners Hungary Foundation, REYN host in the country. Since October 2018, Partners Hungary has also provided the participants with mentoring in completing the exams and finding a job. Stay tuned to learn more …

By Flóra Bacsó, Partners Hungary Foundation.

“I believe that the challenges we face are opportunities to grow, given that we have a working method to deal with these challenges. Originally a teacher, I am now a mediator, restorative facilitator, trainer and project manager at Partners Hungary. I am fascinated by the synergy of the methods I can use to overcome difficult situations in human relationships, all of which aim towards enhancing cooperation and maximizing positive human interaction. As a mentor of five wonderful Roma women in REYN, I learned to appreciate the smallest successes and I am honoured to walk along these wonderful people.”