REYN Slovenia

REYN Slovenia has three main focuses at the moment:

  • Professional development of preschool teachers to provide quality preschool programs (trainings, classroom observation with reflection after the observation, monitoring).
  • Awareness campaigns on the importance of inclusion of Romani children into quality preschool programs.
  • Encouraging inter-sectoral dialogue between policy makers, local authorities, educators, health care and social workers in order to ensure the inclusion of Romani children into preschool programs.

The evidence shows that including children into quality early childhood education and care (ECEC)  is key for their development. REYN Slovenia strives to create a competent workforce in order to ensure accessible and quality ECEC for Romani children and parents.

REYN Slovenia helps professionals familiarize with the Roma culture. The network organizes trainings and other forms of professional support, such as study visits, expert meetings and conferences. Furthermore, REYN also supports them recognize and overcome prejudice against Roma.

REYN Slovenia is mindful that young children’s development happens in different settings and they support an integrated approach. Local Action Teams are formed to connect preschools with key actors of the local communities and the Romani families. Those teams include representatives of different sectors; for example in the field of education, social care and health care. They meet on a regular basis, identify key challenges and plan actions accordingly.

REYN Slovenia frequently organizes training sessions and events on: social justice in education and care; quality of ECEC; the establishment of Local Action Teams.

REYN Slovenia has about 130 members. They are representatives of preschools and primary schools, ministry of education, national education institute, governmental office of national minorities and various other institutes.

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