10 years of keeping Roma children in the spotlight – PROGRAM

Program | 9 December 2022 | 10:00-12:00 CET

The event’s program will feature REYN’s Footprints: building blocks for long-term impact showcasing achievements and examples of good practices from different European countries and providing a platform for discussions about the status of young Roma children, highlighting existing challenges and responsive solutions.    

1. Unlocking potential: Mobilizing expertise to ensure Roma children thrive


. Sara Klaus, EdD, Honorary Board Member of ISSA and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Georgetown University’s Center for Child and Human Development

. Dr Adrian Marsh, Independent Researcher in Romani Studies

. Zsuzsa Laszlo, National Coordinator, REYN Hungary

2. Nurturing professionalism: Strengthening the capacity of ECD professionals working with young Roma children and their families


. Zorica Trikic, Senior Program Manager, ISSA, Netherlands

. Samanta Baranja, Program Manager, Center for School and Outdoor Education, Slovenia  

3. Promoting workforce diversity: Advocating for more Roma professionals in the ECD workforce


. Stanislav Daniel, Grants Manager – Porticus, Slovakia

. Driton Berisha, Grassroots Team Leader, Opre Roma Kosovo, and Member of the Steering Board, KRAEYN, Kosovo   

. Carmen Tanasie, Policy Officer, ERGO, Belgium  

4. Breaking the silence: Bringing evidence on the status of young Roma children in Europe


. Aljosa Rudas, REYN Coordinator and Program Manager, ISSA, Netherlands     

. Fernando Macías Aranda, Professor at the University of Barcelona, Roma Studies Group-CREA researcher, Spain

. Miroslav Sklenka, National Coordinator, REYN Slovakia

. Sanela Besic, National Coordinator, REYN Bosnia and Herzegovina

. MA, Brigita Mark, Senior Adviser, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Vulnerable Groups of Children in Preschool Department, Slovenia

. Representative from EC-Just-Roma-Team, and other stakeholders