Two Resources Related to the Thematic Focus for December

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As you could see in an earlier post, we propose a Thematic Focus for December for our Blog posts: “Where there is no (access to) Kindergarten”. We would like to share with all of you two resources which are relevant to this topic. To download these resources, you will need to join the ISSA Online Community, if you have not done so already. Just send an email to Once you are signed up on the Online Community, be sure to also join the REYN Group. We will be posting all REYN announcements there.


1. There is a recent World Bank report: Closing the Early Learning Gap for Roma Children in Eastern Europe. Here is an excerpt from the executive summary:

The report points to four main policy measures to increase preschool enrollment and improve early learning at home: (1) better inform parents on the benefits of preschool for children’s later-life outcomes; (2) promote inclusive preschools by reaching out to parents and by involving them more directly in preschool with the help of Roma teaching assistants; (3) remove cost barriers possibly coupled with regular attendance subsidies. In addition: (4) support parenting at home. These conclusions follow from the finding that the vast majority of Roma parents wish their children to complete secondary education, but that many also stated a desire to raise children at home in their early years when asked why they did not enroll their children in preschool. Cost was also a consideration. Almost half of parents reported being willing to reconsider enrollment if there were a Roma teaching assistant. More than half said they would reconsider if there were no fees, or if they received food coupons.”

On the Home Page of the ISSA Online Community, click on News from Across the World, then click on Display All, and you will find this entry at number 31. As we post more news, this number will be higher, but if you scroll down you will find it.


2. The second resource comes from one of ISSA’s new Full Members, the Comenius Foundation in Poland, which has extensive experience setting up community-based services, which became mainstreamed via partnerships with local municipalities and communities. They have recently shared with us a set of relevant resources from their program called “Where There Are No Preschools”. These should be useful to anyone who wishes to get inspiration from or adapt this program. You will find this information on the Home Page of the ISSA Online Community, under News from Members, at the top of the listed news, since it is recent.


We hope these resources are useful for you! We look forward to reading your insights and experiences related to this proposed topic of the month!