Virtual Pop-Up Museum

What is TOY for Inclusion?
TOY for Inclusion is an approach that promotes inclusive community-based early childhood education and care and brings services for children and their families to where they are needed.

It was developed by International Child Development Initiatives (ICDI) in partnership with NGOs and local authorities in 8 countries. TOY for Inclusion involves different sectors and agencies working together with the community to come up with flexible solutions and responses to the specific needs of young children (0-10 years old) and their families.

It provides play, learning, and socializing opportunities for children and their parents.

It also promotes intergenerational activities that involve grandparents and other older adults living in the neighborhood.

All these activities take place in a Play Hub, which puts TOY for Inclusion at the heart of the communities. This Virtual Pop-Up Museum is a peek inside the TOY for Inclusion Play Hubs.

What children have to say…

Meet Ivano

Meet Lan

Meet Marta

What the local teams have to say…

What Municipalities have to say…

  • TOY for Inclusion Play Hubs are considered safe spaces that promote social inclusion.
  • They offer opportunities to children and their parents for meaningful connections.
  • The Hubs allow them to spend time playing and learning together in friendly and stimulating environments.

Flexible to Scale Up: A Peek into the TOY for Inclusion Play Hubs

Learn more about the project from TOY for Inclusion project partners, hear highlights from Mathias Urban (Dublin City University) on the project’s impact evaluation, and listen to Bianca Faragau Tavares (Eurocities) share how cities can play a role in scaling up TOY for Inclusion.