“The TOY for Inclusion Play Hub is ideal for parents”, mother says

A family tells about their Play Hub experience in Murska Sobota (Slovenia).

Two brothers – ten-year-old Lan and six-year-old Žak live in the Roma settlement in Murska Sobota (Slovenia), together with their parents Anela and Alen and their grandparents. In total, there are ten members in the same household. Lan goes to the local primary school and Žak is attending the preschool in the Roma settlement.

Their parents heard about the Play Hub at their child’s preschool and once there, they were happy about the friendly atmosphere. The Play Hub coordinator, Marija, taught Žak how to play chess and now he wants to play it at home all the time. Marija also let them borrow some toys.

Eventually, the parents of the two boys decided to subscribe for membership at the Play Hub. Since then, they have been regularly paying a visit and have been attending different workshops. At one of the workshops Anela and Alen met the teacher from Lan’s primary school who gave them advice on learning and parenting.

“Children enjoy coming here, because they can play, create something together and meet new people,” says Anela. “The Play Hub is ideal for parents who cannot afford such quality toys that are available in the Play Hub. It is great that there is a possibility to borrow games or toys for children to play, learn or build something new. The playroom looks nice and everything is free.”

Anela and Alen think that the Play Hub is successful in the area where they live. In addition, it presents something new in the environment. In this way, families who cannot buy expensive toys are still able to give their children the opportunity to play with them.

“I would recommend visiting the Play Hub to any parent or grandparent, as it offers the possibility to really just hang out and play with their children,” says Anela.

Because her large family lives in a small house, it can get quite noisy there. That is also why the family considers the Play Hub to be a pleasant place where they can spend some time playing together.

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