“The Play Hub is an example of child integration”

The Dutch Deputy Ambassador in Slovakia praised the Toy for Inclusion Play Hub in Spišský Hrhov.

We were pleased to receive the visit of Martijn Lambarts in the Play Hub of Spišský Hrhov last Friday 25 October. Mr Lambarts is the Deputy Ambassador of the Netherlands in Slovakia.

The Play Hub is located in the village’s elementary school. Mr Lambarts took the chance to visit both locations and played with the children.

He expressed sincere appreciation when he said that the school and the Play Hub “show the direction to the country and serve as a model to all the schools wishing to integrate vulnerable children into the education system”.

These words have a very important meaning in Slovakia. A country where episodes of segregation in school are not rare.

Mr Lambarts spent some time to talk with the Romani children asking about their favorite activities at the Play Hub.

Together with the children, he planted two hundred tulip bulbs in front of the school.

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