REYN Italy offers training for pedagogical professionals in Rome

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Associazione 21 luglio and REYN Italy offer cutting edge training for Early Childhood Pedagogical Professionals in Rome on November 19th-24th, 2018.

Participants will gain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Educational poverty: different aspects and dimension.
  • The legal instruments to tackle educational poverty.
  • Poverty at school: tools for inclusion.
  • The effects of poverty on the development of the child.
  • Building an educational community.

The training is addressed to young Roma living in slums and it includes attending a three-hour conference in the Italian Parliament on International children’s day (November 20th) organized by Associazione 21 Luglio. The conference will tackle the issue of Romani parent-child separation.

Read more about REYN Italy.

Second Language training with REYN

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In 2015 REYN network will continue to provide its members with diverse professional
development opportunities. After a very successful 2014, we started this year with a study visit to the UK and participation in NAAT+ conference.

We now offer one more prospect for learning and improving your competences in order to be able to make a difference in the lives of those whom you serve, Romani and Traveller children, their families and communities.

We are glad to announce that from June 8th till June 10th 2015 we are organizing a two and a half day training on “Creating opportunities for success – Multilingual learning environments for Romani children” in Leiden, the Netherlands, as part of our capacity building program.

For more information on the training (goals, expected outcomes and methodology) please visit the following link on ISSA website.

Article on REYN training

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We are pleased to inform you about the REYN training article published in the latest issue of the European Network for the Quality in Early Childhood Education from 0-6 years old, NetQ6. You will find the article on page 46: NETQ6_newsletter_4

Northern Ireland Toy Box team leader, Shirley Gillespie talks about her experience as a member of the REYN training that took place last November in Budapest. She emphasizes the role of these trainings as an exchange platform that helps to strengthen each organization in their early childhood practices back home. The members reflected together about the impact the image of the child has in certain issues related to their early learning and their interactions with others, a practice that Shirley found highly useful and clarifying.

The NetQ6 is a project funded with support from the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme. It aims to analyse existing discourses in the different European countries on how to address early education from children at risk.