Some thoughts on REYN from Slovakia

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Finally, we have a great opportunity to change the world and create together the image of our society where the past will not push us. Does it sound daringly and utopian?

Never mind, we will learn together and support each other.

What would we lose?

Just the fact, that someone will not accept our opinion, and will demur to our everlasting disappointments. Someone can be worry because there a new and fearless generation of non-recognized professionals has been growing.

We are firmly convinced that with acquired self-confidence we will be able to manage creation of more beautiful world for our children. Then the world will learn that we are not burden, but we are able enrich the stereotypical and rotten system, which does not offer anything new, just wraps up phrases from white into pink paper.

We look forward to getting any word, any voice with the aim to have a rainbow over the sky.

And what is our keyword? No more legacy of oppression.