Some suggestions for REYN’s work in the future

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I am very honoured that I was part of such an important event – launching the REYN Network. This event made it possible for me to take a closer look into the work of REYN, to exchange experiences and examples of good practices with other participants from different countries, and made me think how we can be more effective in the field of including Romani children into preschool education. After this event I started to think which could be the future activities for the REYN. These are my following suggestions:

– to encourage Roma and non-Roma activists who strive to increase the educational level of Roma people and give a great importance to preschool education, to be part of REYN
– to establish a network of ambassadors on national level to promote REYN (to get together with possible future members, to present them the network and its activities and possibly to include them in the programme; they would eventually organize some workshops in different regions of the country, which the preschool children and their parents would take part in, to give additional information of their needs and wishes and how the REYN Network can contribute)
– to organize English courses for REYN members who currently successfully work in preschool education and do not poses English language skills (as one of the main purposes of REYN is to support professional development, therefor in my opinion being fluent in English is necessary)
– training course about professional development with field visits (visit and insight into the work of different preschool programs – center-based and community based for Romani children)

In conclusion I would like to point out that the REYN Network gives a great opportunity to learn from each other, to establish effective partnerships and to improve the quality and equity in care and education of Romani children. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to insure a better future for Romani children!

Samanta Baranja
Educational Research Institute Ljubljana