Roma teacher in Bulgaria: “I adore these children”

The remarkable story of Antoaneta Antonova, who fulfilled her dream to become a teacher. The story has been published by the Trust for Social Achievement, REYN Coordinator in Bulgaria.

“I remember the day I first crossed the threshold. I remember the school bell ringing. As I hadn’t gone to kindergarten, I directly started in the preparatory grade. Our teacher’s name was Daniela Ivanova.”

Antoneata tells us the story of her childhood. Recalling her past as a Romani girl in school and then as mother who wanted to become a teacher.

“She was the one who taught us to write the letters of our names, to count, to distinguish between right and wrong. She was my role model. I dreamed of being like her when I grew up and I wanted to become a teacher.”

A dream made true

Today Antoaneta works with the largest group in the kindergarten, the preparatory group immediately prior to primary school.

“I adore these children. This comes from my heart: each one of them is individual and special. Though I have been with them for only a short while, I can say that I love them. I never thought I would be able embrace and kiss other children other than my own or my nieces and nephews. They are more curious than us, and I personally think that the vast information on the Internet and TV programs give our children space and freedom. When I was a kid, we used to play with mud and used it to make cakes and sweets, and we ran in the yard until late in the evening. Nowadays, children play on their phones and tablets but they are still kids. And even when they are angry with me that I haven’t let them run around, they still tell me they love me. They are fireflies dancing up-and-down, shining with their smiles.”

Read the whole interview on the Trust for Social Achievement’s website.