REYN’s next Horizons – Annual Meeting 2022 and launch of REYN Early Childhood Research

After two years of online meetings, REYN (the Romani Early Years Network) met again in person in Barcelona, Spain.

From Wednesday 19th to Friday 21st 2022, representatives from International and national REYN coming from 10 countries (Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and Ukraine) got together to engage in a joint reflection on REYN ’s achievements and challenges in the period of 2019-2022 and to shape the new strategic framework for the Initiative.

This meeting occasion also brought opportunities for celebrations, including the 10th Anniversary of the Initiative.

On Friday 21st at 10:30 CET, in partnership with the University of Barcelona, under its REYN Initiative, ISSA organized an event to launch infographics with country data from the REYN Early Childhood Research on the status of young Roma children in Europe. With financial support of the Open Society Foundations, the research was carried out in 11 countries reaching out to a diversity of stakeholders through the 11 national REYNs hosted by ISSA member organizations and partners.

The main findings of the research were presented by the Roma Studies Groups team (CEG) at CREA – University of Barcelona, who led the research. The full report is soon to be launched.

The launch was broadcasted live. Watch the recording below.

Read more about REYN Early Childhood Research Study and explore already available evidence on REYN Knowledge Hub