Welcome to the blog of the Romani Early Years Network – REYN!

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Welcome to the website of the Romani Early Years Network (REYN)!

REYN invites all interested professionals and para-professionals working in services aimed at young Romani children and their families to follow this website. Here we will share news, blogs, resources and promote a good start in life for Romani children from the earliest age.

“Romani (rro-mân-ee) people – Rromane džene in the Romani language – are frequently seen as the beneficiaries of early childhood services but rarely as the deliverers of them. This blog is about changing that, altering the perception that Romani early childhood development (ECD) professionals are not there in pre-schools, nursery schools, reception and early primary classes, community playgroups or home visiting programmes. It’s also about sharing the experiences of delivering quality ECD to Romani families, and working together to ensure that Romani children have the best start in life.