REYN Croatia Awarded Roma Professionals as Role Models

REYN Ambassador awards in Croatia aim to improve the access, quality of inclusiveness of educational services for your Roma children. It does so by recognizing the exceptional and successful examples of quality and inclusive practices provided by Roma professionals in positions that are important for young Roma children to learn and fully develop.

REYN role models are recognized Roma who use their professional and personal reputation in their work to significantly improve conditions for Roma children and/or by their example and achievements encourage greater inclusion of Roma among experts and professionals.

The Ambassador awards are given within the project Inclusion and Equality for Roma Children and their Families run by REYN Croatia.

Watch videos of this year Croatian REYN role models in Croatian language:

Benjamin Ignac

Marijana Sabo

Sanela Balog

Natalija Sklepić

Primary School Tomaš Goričanec  

Primary School Orehovica