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Towards Roma Inclusion

A Review of Roma Education Initiatives in Central and South-eastern Europe

The purpose of this report is to start to distinguish between the growing number of Roma education programs, policies, initiative and interventions being implemented in Central and South-Eastern Europe that are suitable for replication, scaling up and generally merit further investment by concerned stakeholders. After desk reviews, assessments based on criteria drawn up for this report, and interviews with stakeholders in Romania, Hungary and Serbia, eight initiatives in primary and secondary education were selected as best practices. Additionally, areas that need further investigation for the successful scaling up of education initiatives have also been elucidated.

The eight Roma education initiatives described in this report are:

1. Desegregation Project, Vidin, Bulgaria
2. Alliance for Inclusion of Roma in Education, Macedonia
3. Roma Education Program, featuring the Roma Education Centres, Macedonia
4. PHARE Programme: Access to Education for Disadvantaged Groups, Romania
5. Equal Chances, Serbia
6. Roma Education Initiative in Slovakia: Desegregation of Roma Children through Education – Combating Social Exclusion, Jarovnice-Karice Roma Settlement, Slovakia
7. National Educational Integration Network, Hungary
8. Development and Education Centres, Serbia

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