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Synthesis report of the Case Studies in Ghent, Belfast and Rome – Policy Recommendation

Based on the information provided in the three case studies around the projects funded by Bernard van Leer Foundation and implemented by partner organizations in Belfast, Ghent and Rome, this report shows the key findings in the studies. It summarizes the cross-national issues consolidated around four areas: 1. Parenting support; 2. Children’s access to quality early childhood services; 3. Influencing public awareness on Roma inclusion and early childhood development; 4. Capacity building and empowerment of Roma actors.

The policy recommendations were developed based on three case studies (in Belgium, Italy, Northern Ireland) and on the conclusions of the group discussions at the policy roundtable meeting organized by the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) in partnership with Bernard van Leer Foundation in Brussels, in September 2016. The policy recommendations regarding Roma empowerment and support for inclusion with a specific focus on young children, concerned: the importance of political will and finances; mediators as key actors for inclusion; strengths based approaches and family support as key entry point for inclusion; and comprehensive approaches as ways for breaking the barriers for inclusion.

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