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Roma Empowerment and Support for Inclusion – Case study Rome, Italy

The case study clearly demonstrates both the urgent need for intervention and the challenges of working in a politically and economically hostile environment marked by discriminatory practices and segregation of Roma. It also showcases the importance of advocacy efforts and actions aimed at addressing child- and human rights and with awareness raising on the importance of inclusion of young Roma children and their families in the mainstream society.

Under the Capacity building of Roma supporting partners project, carried out by ISSA in partnership with Bernard van Leer Foundation (in 2014-2016), three case studies on  Roma Empowerment and Support for Inclusion were developed. This is one of the three case studies developed after the projects in Italy, Belgium and the UK/Northern Ireland. A “Synthesis report of the Case Studies in Ghent, Belfast and Rome – Policy Recommendation” is available here.

Read the case study in Italian here.

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