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Roma Early Childhood Inclusion+ Slovakia Report (2017)

The Roma Early Childhood Inclusion (RECI)+ Slovakia Report (2017) maps the current state of the system of early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Slovakia. In particular it identifies and analyses the obstacles of access to quality preschool education for Slovakian Romani children. It underlines the undeniable importance and long-

term positive impact of quality early care and preschool education, especially for children who come from socially and economically disadvantaged environments. The low investment in ECEC places Slovakia far below the Europe 2020 target on kindergartens participation for children aged 4 to 6, in fact in Slovakia the issue of Roma children segregation in the education system is quite alarming (e.g. ethnically homogeneous Roma classes, Roma schools, separate floors, separate play yard). In Slovakia, the inappropriate preparation of teachers terms of working with children from diverse socio-cultural, ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds hampers Romani children inclusion in early care programs and compromises their growth and education.

Read the report in Slovak here.

Read the policy brief in English here.

Read the policy brief in Slovak here.

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