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Roma Early Childhood Inclusion Macedonia Report (2011)

A detailed picture of early childhood policy and provision frameworks in Macedonia, highlighting the barriers and opportunities for improving the access of Roma children to appropriate and high-quality early childhood development (ECD) services. The principal objective of the report is to provide data on young Romani children’s exclusion from society and to make this available to decision makers and key stakeholders that work on early childhood policies and programs. In order to protect the Roma community from the risks of segregation the following recommendations are made: extra effort is needed to prepare the ethnic majorities (Macedonians and Albanians) for greater inclusion of minority groups (Roma) and to value diversity in society. There have been some notable initiatives in the country to support Roma children’s education but more effort is necessary to: strengthen regulations in relation to ECD services; support human capacity development in order to enable Roma children to participate in and benefit from high-quality early childhood education services.

Read the report in Macedonian here.

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