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Roma Early Childhood Inclusion + Croatia Report (2015)

The Roma Early Childhood Inclusion (RECI)+ Croatia Report is intended to aid the authorities in ensuring the development of unhindered and equal access for Romani children to quality early childhood education and care (ECEC) services. The purpose of the research is to tackle the difficult situation of Romani children and to support the commitment of Romani NGOs and governments in improving their situation and moreover to spread the importance of early years in children’s lives as a key period for lifelong success. In Croatia, education and care services are decentralized to local governments and this leads to significant regional differences in the ECEC. It is fundamental to improve Romani children’s attainment and regular attendance in preschool and to guarantee a national standard of early childhood educational opportunities and quality preschool education for all children, including Roma. The second language acquisition effort of Romani children has to be supported and improved in order to avoid linguistic barriers issues in learning.

Read the report in Croatian here.

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