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Council Conclusions on an EU Framework for the National Roma Integration Strategies up to 2020

The Council of the European Union calls the Member States and the Commission to continue the commitment for Roma inclusion and invites them both to ensure the effective use of EU funds for the social and economic inclusion of Roma. It stresses the fact that despite efforts many Roma still face deep poverty, profound social exclusion, barriers in exercising fundamental rights, and discrimination. Furthermore, it underlines that active involvement and participation of Roma themselves is essential for improving the situation of Roma community. The Commission is requested to continue the work on Roma Taskforce and to address EU funds in efforts to advance Roma inclusion. The EU Member States are requested to appropriately monitor and evaluate the impact of the Roma inclusion strategies, to develop their national Roma inclusion strategies within broader social inclusion policies (social and economic measures) and to promote the active involvement of Roma civil society. The Council invites to a synergic cooperation among Commission, the Member States and relevant stakeholders.

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