Bilingual visual dictionary ‘Lacho dive! Sar San?’

Bilingual visual dictionary ‘Lacho dive! Sar San?’

Recognizing the importance of the child’s first language in learning processes and settings, and especially for children from vulnerable groups like the Roma, REYN Croatia has created this visual dictionary to support multilingualism in early childhood care and education services.

In Croatia, a large number of Roma children speak the Romani Chhib language, and this attractive illustrated dictionary with colourful scenes is for them, their families and communities as well as practitioners in the upbringing, education and care system who work with Roma young children for their language development.

This resource has been produced with the support of the REYN initiative.

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Young Roma children status in Croatia | Infographic

The overall results of the REYN Early Childhood Research Study in Croatia are represented in this infographic, showing at a glance the status of young Roma children in the country.

Data collected in interviews with Roma families with young children, and professionals working with them show the high levels of discrimination that young Roma children are still facing, and their situation according to key areas that impact the child’s development:

* family and living environment

* health and well-being

* safety and security

* early learning

* responsive parenting

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Romani children and poverty, Croatia (2016)

In this publication, REYN Croatia shows how poverty affects Romani children and how it generates a vicious circle that is hard to break. Poverty leads to socio-emotional and cognitive disadvantages, low school attendance, school drop out, all that leads to unemployment and, again, poverty. Quality education can break this cycle. Poor educational achievement of disadvantaged children is a consequence of the conditions they grow up in; and not a consequence of their actual cognitive capacities. Cognitive capacity, just like intelligence, is variable. Whether it increases or decreases, it depends on our approach to children.

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Romani children and their first language, Croatia

In this study, REYN Croatia analyzes the second language acquisition process and the effort it requires. In Croatia, some Roma speak Romani Chib while some use the Bayash Romanian language, and Croatian is spoken as the second language. The bilingual or multilingual skills of Romani children should be considered an added value rather than something to be repressed, even at home with family. Bilingual or multilingual children are often better at mastering new languages. Teachers should consider the effort made by Romani children in following classes led in Croatian and they should help them by teaching in an interactive way, giving Romani children the possibility to develop and improve their first language skills, giving value to their background using some words or phrases in the pupils’ mother tongue.

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A teacher – video

“A Teacher” (in Croatian, with English subtitles)

Produced by REYN Croatia.

This is the story of Vesna, a Croatian teacher in pre-primary school. Vesna’s first goal is to teach her pupils how to create a community. Why a community? They will be soon part of the society and they have to learn how to contribute to a community. Cooperative learning, work groups and games increase in pupils the feeling to be part of a community and they learn how to solve problems and conflicts in a peaceful way. Parents are important as well. Workshops for parents are held in the school in order to improve their sense of community. In this workshops parents can learn basic knowledge in order to hep their children in doing homeworks. Vesna’s approach includes on incentives, praises and rewards.

Good Stories: A kindergarten’s experience of inclusion

This video tells the story on the kindergarten’s experience of inclusion. What was their most important learning? What were the biggest challenges in building the trust between the preschool institution and Roma community? What are their plans for the future?

Realized by REYN Croatia.