Reflections on the launch of REYN

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The conference in Opatija and in particular the launch of Romani Early Years Network was very benefiting and interesting for me since I had the opportunity to meet and share experiences with people who do the same job in other countries. Sharing of experiences was very helpful in getting new ideas and concepts for implementation purposes.

Being a Project Coordinator responsible for implementation of national strategy on Integration of Roma in Education in Kosovo enabled me to immediately fill out the gaps where we think we are lacking compared to other countries as well as provision of input to others in area we felt we are doing a good job. One of examples that made to enrich the activities in our project was the experience sharing of Hungary in the way they are organizing literacy classes and making them more attractive. As of November 2012 these concepts were shown to Literacy Facilitators in Kosovo and now despite the regular activities foreseen they are organizing various activities such as handcraft, cocktails and tours around the country which at the same time provides further advancement of their literacy skills.

Being part of this network makes you feel stronger and that you are not alone and you are able to depend on your colleagues for help and knowledge.

Despite the professional benefits I have to say that everybody enjoyed the entertainment, music and games organized by ISSA. I frankly want to use the opportunity to thank the organizers ISSA/DECET for making this event possible which has perfectly mixed professionalism with entertainment making this conference so great.