Children “finally” get to attend the re-opening of Latvian Play Hubs

With great enthusiasm, this was the most uttered word of our little visitors at the reopening of our Play Hubs after a long and unexpected break of two and a half months due to Covid-19.

Our Play Hubs continued to operate even when they were closed to visitors, supporting distance learning for children of younger school age by providing individual consultations to children and parents. Also, different online activities were organized. These allowed children to see each other and Play Hubs assistants on a variety of screens, but it couldn’t replace joy of playing together.

The Play Hub in Jelgava reopened on 8th of June. It was followed by Play Hub in Daugavpils on June 14th.

Some children immediately rushed to their favourite toys while others noticed the new toys and wanted to play with them for the first time. They Play Hub purchased several new toys and Play Hubs assistants made new toys during the break. One family came to the Jelgava Play Hub to complete the puzzle, which had been waiting for them unfinished all this time.

The important relationship between Play Hub assistants and noticeable. Children were eager to include Play Hub assistants in their games. It was clear that the children had longed for personal contact with them as well.

On its first day of reopening, children of the Daugavpils Play Hub acted out a fairy tale about a little house (which is very popular among Latvian children). Meanwhile, the children of Jelgava talked about soap and experienced its miraculous properties, both helping people not get sick and creating such beauty as soap bubbles.

The opportunity to meet again at the Play Hubs showed that nothing brings more fun than playing together – really together at the Play Hub!