Do children have access to quality education in your country?

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Today it’s World Children’s Day! Our gif image below celebrates the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child which says that all children have the right to good education.

Today, it is also time to remember that hundreds of thousands of children are still denied the right to a good education because of poverty, disability or discrimination.

The evidence is clear, quality early childhood education makes a great deal of difference in the life of a human being. According to research done in North Dakota, the peak of brain development takes place before the child turns one.

Another study, showed that stimulation of toddlers in Jamaica through one-hour weekly visits of community health workers over a period of two years, increased their average earnings as adults by 42 percent.

Children’s early development is determined by supportive family and community child care practices, appropriate nutrition and health care, quality learning opportunities, and protection from risk, UNICEF says.

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