New report on integration of Roma citizens in Spain

The network of experts working on the social dimension of education and training (NESET) has recently published an ad hoc report titled ‘Overview of the integration of Roma citizens in Spain and some transferable lessons for the EU’.

The new report, prepared by Silvia Carrasco Pons and Gabriela Poblet Denti, provides an overview of the social integration of Roma in Spain, evidence on the progress made, effective policies and approaches within the areas of employment, education, housing and health. The deliverable also includes brief sections on political representation, associationism and activism as part of the processes of social integration of Roma in Spain.

The report

The report is available online, free of charge (here).

NESET was set up at the initiative of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture and is one of its 7 official knowledge providers. The Network is coordinated by PPMI.
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