REYN Belgium

Although Roma make less than half percent of the Belgian population, number of towns in the country have experienced significant increase in the number of Roma. Many are escaping poverty in their countries of origin and moved to Belgium in search for better living conditions. Towns like Ghent reacted adequately and introduced number of services to assist the newly arriving families. One of the services, mediators for intra-European migration, have been possibly the best known among the local Roma.

REYN Belgium was originally established by the municipality of Ghent and in close cooperation with the mediators working with Roma, mainly those coming from Bulgaria and Slovakia. Currently focusing on stronger cooperation with non-governmental organizations and Romani activists around the country, REYN Belgium, hosted by the Centre for Innovation in the Early Years (VBJK), and is building new relationships and developing more cooperation across sectors.

The network has been recently adopted by the Ghent-based Centre for Innovation in the Early Years, VBJK. The organization keeps track of developing research and trends in the provision of early childhood services and promotes innovation in daily practice affecting all children, including the youngest Roma and Travellers. In the membership, REYN Belgium is currently focusing on building partnerships between Roma communities and Roma civil society actors.

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