Italian partners continue TOY for Inclusion activities during Covid-19

In order to respect the Italian government guidelines and counteract the Covid-19 contagion, the educational activities that went online are gradually reaching a new phase.

During the first phase of the quarantine (a total lockdown), in Rome, every Monday children used to have online meetings with an architect and a graphic artist. They learned how to use the applications to create stop motion videos and avatars. They also learned photo editing skills. On Sundays, preadolescents were participated in a “cineforum” and on Wednesdays they talked with educators and played different board games, such as Saltinmente.

The Play Hub has started a collaboration with another activity – “The Baby Space” – a space dedicated to mothers and children aged from 0 to 3. Using WhatsApp chat, once a week the Play Hub coordinator (also called Local Action Team – LAT coordinator) sends activities to the families attending the Baby Space. These activities help to develop manual skills, coordination and motor skills.

For the last few weeks, the TOY for Inclusion activities have been shifting towards the second phase. During this phase baby packages are delivered to mothers of the Tor Bella Monaca neighborhood, Martina, the LAT coordinator, reads fairy tales to the little ones in the large garden of the Play Hub “Ex Fienile”. At the same time Nedzad, the Play Hub assistant, takes care of the older children, making sure that all of them follow the necessary safety measures.

Thus, in Tor Bella Monaca the sprouts of a new community that starts with mothers and children are being cultivated at the moment.