A full house for the TOY for Inclusion international event!

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TOY for Inclusion will have a full house at the international event on November 19th! The event in Ghent, Belgium, will celebrate the project amazing success and will share the knowledge acquired in the past two years.

Since its launch in 2017, TOY for Inclusion has opened eight Play Hubs in seven European countries: one in Belgium, Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and two in Italy.

Thanks to the work of local communities and professionals, the TOY for Inclusion Play Hubs became the gateway to kindergarten and school for many Romani children.

By enhancing social cohesion and by supporting the parents, the project has been successful in fostering social inclusion for Romani young children and families.

After one year of preparations, the doors of the Play Hubs opened (in early 2018). Since then, they have been providing opportunities for children and adults, Roma and non-Roma, to integrate and develop. At the event, you will be able to hear their experiences directly from them.

The mid-term results are encouraging (first half of 2018)!

  • 1700 children participated to the Play Hub activities.
  • 30% of children were from Roma origin, according to estimations.
  • 77 workshops and info-sessions were held for Roma and non-Roma adults: including parenting support, intergenerational activities, hand-craft and toy-making workshops, info-sessions for parents in cooperation with other community services.
  • 10% of workshop leaders were Roma.

The tools and the resources that are at the core of this success will be available at the event;  read more about TOY for Inclusion.

Where: Vredehuis, Sint-Margrietstraat 9, Ghent, Belgium.

When: November, 19th 2018.

Consult the program here.