Inclusive teaching with REYN Italy

An important appointment took place in Pisa when the REYN coordinator, Associazione 21 luglio, met the REYN Italy members and its partners to plan a season of training on inclusive teaching.

Inclusive teaching

The training will involve teachers in different schools from the North to the South of the country: Mazara del Vallo, Cosenza, Pisa, Rome and Turin.

The focus will be put on inclusive educational pathways for minors residing in formal and informal settlements.

In addition, REYN Italy has planned a national event that sees Romani children and young people as protagonists next 20 November on International Children’s Day.

Sharing common goals and developing synergies

“Having shared objectives allows us to develop ever greater synergies, said Francesca Petrucci (Association 21 July), REYN Italy Coordinator, I thank the partners and all the participants who animated this new beginning with enthusiasm”.

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