Hungarian Play Hubs


In Nagydobos, Piri and Teri are the two Local Action Team coordinators. They come from two different segregated parts of the village of Nagydobos. The Play Hub is a nest for inclusion in a small village where discrimination, especially against Roma is significant. It is also a magnet for other community initiatives like community gardening and sharing of cultural traditions. This Play Hub has 70 members but attracts over 300 children and family members on a quarterly basis. Around 30 percent of the participants are from Roma origins. The opening hours are Wednesday and Saturday 14:00 to 18:00 hours.

“It is wonderful here, there is a calm atmosphere. This is a play land and it’s my dream”, said a 4 years old Roma child.

Parents have access to information and support about child rearing, health and early childhood development. Like the Play Hub of Nagydobos on Facebook!


In Csobanka, the local school had been closed due to episodes of Roma segregation. Local people are willing to have an inclusive school and this helped to reopen the school. However, systemic barriers are an obstacle to real inclusion. The Play Hub is run by a local civil society organization called “Tanoda”. They provide extracurricular activities for Romani children to support their school integration and development.

The Play Hubs in Hungary were made possible by Partners Hungary Foundation, REYN National Coordinator in the country. For more information contact Eva Deak.