Hungarian Play Hub helps build relationships

“It’s good to play because it builds valuable relationships among people”

Roma and non-Roma, adults and older adults — generational gaps and differences collapse when a child, parent, and grandparent play together. Take, for example, the excitement of playing board games among various age groups or opportunities for gathering to share experiences. This is the heart of the Play Hub in Nagydobos, which continues to stimulate community events and programs for intercultural and intergenerational dialogue, as well as learning. The Play Hub works to create an even better community in Nagydobos.

At the Nagydobos Play Hub, the Roma mediators have been working for several years to build trust and cohesion among families. Through this work, public institutions have now become strong partners. The work of Play Hub coordinators is also being increasingly recognized by care workers and local decision-makers in Nagydobos. Thanks to this recognition and strong collaboration between the municipality and the Play Hub, 30 disadvantaged children attended a summer camp. As part of the local settlement program, the staff of the Play Hub, Piri, and Teri, took the local children to this camp. This visit helped to establish and strengthen relationships outside the school and kindergarten in a playful way. Due to their social status in the community, many children have little or no access to summer camp or a trip with their peers and no access to engaging toys.

Have a look at the photos below to get a glimpse of the summer camp. They already can’t wait to share stories of this time at home, or in school and kindergarten in September.