Flexible to Scale up: An online event featuring TOY for Inclusion Play Hubs

The TOY for Inclusion project has been active for four years in eight different EU countries, successfully showcasing the effectiveness of non-formal, community-based early childhood education and care services in providing meaningful support to (vulnerable) families and young children.

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the TOY Play Hubs were forced to close their doors. But, they did not stop their activities. Local teams leapt into action to address community challenges, often in ways formal services have not been able to.

Due to their unique and well-established position within communities, TOY Play Hubs have proved to be a trusted resource and support system for families that have been facing exacerbated challenges due to the crisis.

But, what are the essential strengths of the TOY for Inclusion model?

  • Intersectoral work to address complex issues
  • Participative processes
  • Innovative and flexible solutions tailored to families’ and communities’ needs
  • Inclusive and easy to reach services

On November 17th from 2 pm to 4 pm, TOY for Inclusion partners will share more about this flexible approach and how it can be adapted in communities across Europe.

What’s inside this event?

  • Key speakers will explain more about the TOY for Inclusion approach, the main results and impact of the project, and how you can bring TOY for Inclusion to your city
  • Stories from children and families attending the Play Hubs
  • Question and answers with Local Action Team and Municipalities that set-up and welcomed TOY for Inclusion in their cities
  • The launch of a virtual pop-up museum featuring stories from the TOY for Inclusion Play Hubs

Learn more and register here.