Elina is happy she can play! New TOY for Inclusion video

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“I am happy because I can play with other children,” says Elina. The new TOY for Inclusion video is out. In the Play Hubs, Roma and non-Roma children play and learn together. And parents too! They can meet informally, follow workshop and receive advice from professionals.

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Many children today are deprived of their right to access quality education, care or playing. TOY for Inclusion is the gateway to kindergarten and school for young children and families at the margins, including Romani and migrants.

Over the past two years, the project has created eight Play Hubs for young children and families in seven European Union countries: one in Belgium, Croatia, Latvia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia and two in Italy.

The Play Hubs are often located in the local kindergarten, school or library. Children can borrow the toys they don’t have at home and follow educational activities. Families and volunteers of both communities can meet each other, follow workshops and receive (or give) professional advice.

TOY for Inclusion prepares children for formal education and helps the schools arrange the children’s arrival at every new school year. Together: children, parents and local communities are taking steps toward the end of Roma segregation.

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