An Open letter: Celebrating International Roma Day

Opre Roma! Stand-up, Roma!

Dear Roma friends,

On the occasion of International Roma Day, we are sending all of you our best wishes for your day, 8 April.

While we continue our efforts for a better future for your young children, we would like to emphasize our deep beliefs in your own strengths and capabilities.

Dear children,
Never give up on your dreams, keep your aspirations high, and never allow anyone to get you down. Fight discrimination with knowledge and dignity, and become an agent of change! Together with your parents, family and friends take care of your health and stay safe. Do not give up on learning and schooling even in these times when it may be more difficult.

Dear parents,
You are the first educators of your children, the best support and shelter for them, and the most powerful role model. Be there for your children. Be strong, and take good care of yourselves! Teach your children about your culture and values, and speak with them in Roma language – make your children proud speakers of Romani Chib.

Dear communities,
It is time to come together and join forces, share knowledge and experiences, and to overcome challenges collectively. Stand as proud members of your community. Contribute to changes you want to see in society!

Dear early childhood professionals and para-professionals,
We cannot thank you enough for the remarkable work you are doing, especially now in this uncertain time. You are setting an example for younger generations. Your stories inspire them, and your actions encourage them to dream out loud!

The world is changing right now, but REYN’s commitments stay the same today and every day. We continue to advocate for the rights and wellbeing of every young Roma child and promote initiatives and programs that aim to improve the quality of early childhood services.

We celebrate Roma language and culture in all its beauty. We acknowledge the strengths of Roma parents and advocate for their participation in decisions that concern their children.

REYN promises to continue building strong relationships with Roma communities across and within countries. As a strong ally, we will always stand for a change that reflects your needs as a community and supports better outcomes for all.

We maintain a deep commitment to supporting you with a platform to share your voice. We remain steadfast in advocating for diversity in the early childhood workforce and for having more of you, Roma professionals and para-professionals, in the early childhood field. 

We are in all of this together and we won’t give up until there are:

No more lost Romani and Traveller generations!

Calls to Action for International Roma Day

Petition from Rome
There is deep concern regarding the health of over 6000 people living in the camps of Rome. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Associazione 21 luglio is circulating a petition to request that proper actions are taken ensure the health and safety of residents. Find it here.

Petition from Europe
Another petition, urges the European Union, its member states, international institutions and civil society must act in solidarity and unite forces to protect all people living in Europe, especially the most vulnerable groups. You can find the petition here.

Virtual Citizens Dialogue
European Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli, will hold a Virtual Citizens Dialogue entitled “Solidarity in times of Coronavirus – Roma International Day” , 8 April, 17:00 CEST. You can find information here.

News on International Roma Day in Bulgarian
April 8th is International Roma Day. It has been proposed as such by the Romani Union and since 1992 has been recognized by the UN and the Council of Europe. Today, all EU institutions recognize and even celebrate April 8th as International Roma Day. Read it here.

Read the REYN Manifesto
Read about what REYN is committed to here.